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BlogPitchingSymbol.comWhat it does:
The FREE embeddable, editable universal blog pitching symbol visually symbolises the fact that you welcome – or don’t welcome – brand or “product news” pitches to your blog. Additionally, the “we accept pitches” symbol can guide the pitching brand/agency to the fact you welcome pitches for a particular category or products, with the addition of your own supporting text.

How it beats the competition:
1.It gives bloggers a chance to be pitched to in a sensitive way.

2. Helps get related pitches to your blog only.

3. Especially appealing if you are a new up and coming blog.

4. If you’re already getting heavily pitched too, it can help ease the flow.



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Blog Pitching Symbol - BlogPitchingSymbol.com, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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