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Chatisfy Your Search – chatvana.com

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chatvana.comWhat it does:
Today’s popular search technologies offer passive set of results to users seeking information.Users have to consume the articles before finding the sought information and in cases, navigate many results before doing so. For unique questions, users usually resort to forums where they search and often post questions and wait for answers. There is a latency involved when there are more questions based on the answers. There is no interactive facility geared to answer specific search queries.

Chatvana (‘Chat’ + ‘Nirvana’) is a webservice that provides interactive connection between users seeking information/products/services and online providers offering the same. Chatvana is a real time lead generator for information/service/product providers and allows them to interact with their customers.

Chatvana is a free service for end users. End users can also anonymously use the service without needing to sign up. For business providers, the basic service is free.

How it beats the competition:
We have all had moments when interacting with someone about an article or piece of code, brings a new clarity. Chatvana is all about that.





Chatisfy Your Search - chatvana.com, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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