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decing.comNo matter how long you have known each other, when you are part of a team and it comes to casting a decision it is easy to feel at anything but ease. Voting for an option automatically means that you are opposing the other, and there are people who are way too sensitive when it comes to such matters. These people are the ones that would be thankful if their leaders implemented a voting such as . The best way to define it is by terming it a solution that enables members of small to vote on any item that calls for consideration without having to disclose who they are, and without even having to register individually. When people vote, they specify the subject and the option they have gone for. (They are appointed as participants first, of course.)

Additionally, participants can vote through  Wave. That is certainly interesting, and it goes some way into unveiling the intrinsic power that Wave has. Of course, it will not make people stop in their tracks but it is quite a healthy start.

Site: http://www.decing.com/

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- Voting Made & Reliable, 9.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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