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Draw Your Own Animated Greeting Card – Iwishyouto.Com

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Iwishyouto.comWhat it does:
At http://iwishyouto.com you can (without registration):
* Paint your own live greeting card, save drawing process as animation, get a permanent link to it and a code to embed to blog;
* Schedule card`s automatic delivery;
* Set an image(s) from the Internet as a background for the new card;
* Choose an card from the gallery, finish drawing and sign if they do not want to card from the beginning;
* Also you are able to create usual greeting card – signed images;
* Site was created using HTML5 and JS – this makes it compatible with iOS and Android, so it is possible to draw card from iPad or Galaxy Tab (fully mobile version is coming).

How it beats the competition:
* It allows to save drawing process and share it
* It is completely free
* No flash used



Draw Your Own Animated Greeting Card - Iwishyouto.Com, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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