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Food Photo Sharing – SnapDish

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SnapDishWhat it does:
Snapdish is a free iPhone app and a quick and easy way to take beautiful food photos and sharing them. Take a of your favorite dish and process it to make it look more appetizing. When your photo is ready to post, share it on Facebook, Twitter and other . You also have the option of adding a location tag and checking into Foursquare automatically.

How it beats the competition:
Many food photo sharing services are centered around and for dining out.

We are purely a food photo sharing service so food cooked at home or even growing in your garden can be the subject. An app for the true .

There is no other mobile social app that does any kind of food, whether it be from a restaurant or food cooked at home.






Food Photo Sharing - SnapDish, 7.5 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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