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this startup!
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Yupiq.comWhat it does:
YUPIQ’s suite of promotions make it easy for Social Media marketers reward fans when they get their friends to watch a video, view a link or use a special offer.

Due to the high level of trust between friends these friend-to-friend conversations about a company are well received and highly influential.

it beats the competition:
YUPIQ beats the competition because we are not focused on increases likes or Fans but on increasing conversions (Video Views, Webpage Views or Purchases).

Further YUPIQ is designed from the ground up to run a single promotion across Twitter, Facebook and a Corporate . This gives the user a single experience wherever they interact with the company and lets them participate on any medium they want (Facebook, Twitter or Email.)

Also, YUPIQ with YouTube, Viemo and Daily Motion. Our platform is also able to easily work with most online shopping carts though our easy discount upload system.





Get Shared - YUPIQ.com, 7.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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