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Global Wholesale SMS API – Nexmo

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Nexmo.comWhat it does:
Nexmo is a cloud wholesale SMS API. Our focus is (Application to person) SMS delivery. We make it super accessible and cheap for developers and by cutting out the and connecting directly to carriers in over 200 countries. Yes! That is how we can promise a wholesale pricing and hop to the .
We’ve decided to bridge the gap between the telecoms and the by offering a simple and pay-as-you-go API.
Nexmo believes that everyone deserves to get wholesale pricing from first message and we let developers benefit from our potential generating millions of SMS per day across the globe.

How it beats the competition:
-Go live in minutes: Super accessible and cheap for developers and resellers
-Global reach and rich analytics!
-Direct to carrier model. Result? Increase in measured with delivery ratio and low latency.
-Our team has done it few times in the past for top companies in the industry so we provide our expertise in the .





Global Wholesale SMS API - Nexmo, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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  • Jack

    Nice! first all the best in your new start-up, I can completely image how it is in the beginning.. I started as an entrepreneur as well.. cloud computing is really the next in thing I feel.. and now it’s use in sending wholesale SMS is just very impressive! Good work guys, all the best again! 🙂 

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    GD Star Rating
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