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Groups are Good – GroupGel

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GroupGel.comWhat it does:
GroupGel is a one-stop, cloud-based application that makes it easier to manage groups, get people involved, and with group members. With GroupGel, users can:

  • messages and to groups of individuals via text, email and/or .
  • Create – whether volunteer , items needed for an event, or things that need to be done – users can post the list, watch volunteers sign up and know who’s doing what in real-time.
  • Schedule events and collect RSVPs from people in the group.
  • Post and manage discussions among group members.

How it beats the competition:
While there are lots of great sites that offer , GroupGel is the first site that pulls all the together for comprehensive in one location, resulting in truly streamlined and coordination.





Groups are Good - GroupGel, 8.0 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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