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Praiseorbash.comWhat it does:
We created the Praise Or Bash platform to allow people to quickly express how they feel about a high profile person, place, or thing. Simply praise things you love or bash what you hate. We hope to capture people’s emotions in real time in order to provide a community where opinions are constantly valued. Whether you praise what you love or bash what you hate, your say matters!

How it beats the competition:
Value for Members and Non-members:
Praise Or Bash is for the active member and also the observer. You don’t have to be actively involved with the site to get value from it. You may simply observe the opinions of others and use Praise Or Bash as a resource to help you get a deeper understanding of how people and friends feel about a high profile person, place, or thing. Whether you decide to contribute or just observe, we hope Praise Or Bash will be your resource to experience real time opinions. Perhaps the opinions of your friends and influencers may help your buying decisions or your decisions on whether or not to support a high profile person.

Praise Or Bash for Politicians and Celebrities:
Praise Or Bash connects politicians and celebrities with everyday people. In turn, politicians and celebrities may use Praise Or Bash to gauge how people feel about them in real time.

Praise Or Bash for Brands:
Praise Or Bash allows people to post experiences they’ve had with brands. Whether the experience is good, bad, or indifferent, the voice of the consumer matters. We hope this real-time feedback will inspire brands to expand on the ‘praises’ and actively address the ‘bashes’ in order to enhance the quality and user experience of their brands.

Our Story:
We’re a dedicated team with a strong desire to build a platform that people actually want to use. We want Praise Or Bash to compliment people’s lifestyles and hope that members will share their experiences and thoughts about high profile people, places, or things with the Praise Or Bash community. We think that’s the best way to create an organic and useful environment.

That’s enough about us – it’s time you have your say!





Have Your Say! - Praiseorbash.Com, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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