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Hotel Finder Built Around Maps – HotelMaps.com

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HotelMaps.comWhat it does:
HotelMaps.com is a new built around . and offering more immediate information than conventional hotel finders, each hotel icon on the map is marked with a room price and star rating. In areas where hotels are close together, icons are grouped into clusters to avoid overlaps. Room rates and star ratings are permanently visible on the map, allowing the user to scan the most relevant information at a glance, thus accelerating the .

At , more than 200,000 hotels worldwide are available via HotelMaps.com. Once the user enters travel dates and hotel requirements, HotelMaps.com sources real- rates and availability data from more than 30 major and displays the best prices directly on the map. Filters for price and ratings can be applied using sliders, which instantly change the results on the map. For each hotel, users can access detailed information like galleries, webcams, and consolidated user reviews from trusted portals.

How it beats the competition:
Virtually none of the existing hotel finders is able to show prices or hotel ratings directly on the map. Even prominent players like Hipmunk or Google’s own Hotel Finder use mere on their maps, which means the user has to deal with mouse-overs, or additional map legends.

HotelMaps.com puts the most important information first and shows location, price and rating at a glance.



Hotel Finder Built Around Maps - HotelMaps.com, 9.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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