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KitchenPC – Meal Planning Made Easy

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kitchenpc.comWhat it does:
KitchenPC allows cooks to quickly find recipes and build meal plans.  Each recipe can be scheduled on a calendar, and shopping lists can be automatically generated based on any aggregated total of all the distinct ingredients in the recipes.

KitchenPC can also help users build a meal plan that will optimally use the ingredients they have available.  For example, a user can say “I have 3 tomatoes, 12 tortillas, a pound of chicken, 8oz of sour cream, and half a gallon of milk to use up – I want to make 3 recipes this week.”  KitchenPC will find the set of 3 recipes that will use up as much of those ingredients as possible, and require the user to have to purchase as few other ingredients as possible.

How it beats the competition:
Sites such as AllRecipes have massive databases of recipes, however are for the most part geared around dealing with a single recipe at a time.  Their meal planning tools such as shopping list creation are very basic and don’t really generate accurate and useful data.  KitchenPC is built from the ground up as a meal planning tool and offers powerful features for working with multiple recipes at once.

Sites such as SuperCook.com are great for finding single recipes that use “some amount” of a given list of ingredients, but these sites cannot generate an entire meal plan for a week that will use up everything I have, include a lot of “ingredient overlap” so I don’t have to buy too many new ingredients, all while taking into account my likes and dislikes by analyzing my previous ratings.  KitchenPC does all this and more.


KitchenPC - Meal Planning Made Easy, 9.2 out of 10 based on 20 ratings

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