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Spreaker.com – Live Audio broadcasting for Everyone!

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spreaker.comWhat it does:
is an online application for creating and sharing live audio content on the Internet.
With Spreaker, users become DJs and host personal shows that can be streamed live and listened through a widget which supports all the major social media and mobile platforms.
It’s very easy to create any kind of radio – from to – since everything can be made on-line thanks to a unique DJ console which allows the real-time mixing of voice, music and .
On the other hand, listeners are able to discover interesting niche content which would not be found on traditional .

How it beats the competition:
Spreaker allows you to broadcast LIVE on and other social media sites. Your audience can interact with you using , Skype, chat-rooms, etc…

Spreaker covers music royalties. You can broadcast your music library, make real-time mixes and create new stuff!

There is nothing to install! Our mixing console is an online (Adobe-Flash based) tool and it works from any computer connected to the Internet.


Spreaker.com - Live Audio for Everyone!, 7.6 out of 10 based on 16 ratings

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