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Social Media Auctions – LikeBids.com

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LikeBids.comWhat it does:
LikeBids is the media auction website that leverages the traffic on social sites such as , twitter, linkedin etc. with e-commerce companies; giving more brand awareness as well as generating more and leads.
How does LikeBids work?
After users sign up, they can “LikeBid” on any of the live auctions put up by advertisers. After Likebidding on any , users are able to share the auctions on their social networking sites and refer their friends to the auction page they bid on. Their friends “Like” and/or “Tweet” on the auction page and the user with the most “LikeBids” (Likes + ) wins the product free! Vendors also give away discounts for a minimum amount of LikeBids users get so there is always a winner!
How it beats the :
There is competition
Social Media Auctions - LikeBids.com, 7.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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