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Listen to Only the Best Social Videos – TubePlayer.net

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this startup!
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TubePlayer.comWhat it does:
This app automatically organizes the most popular social through many social signals and assigns weights to each video.  Type in an artist and the software auto generates playlists based upon social quality and auto plays them.  Then personalize the playlist by liking or disliking each video.  Build an unlimited number of playlists for each artist.  When you want to create a shuffle playlist click shuffle and the shuffle feature will store your preferences and create the ultimate personalized list.  Since the lists are social and at each load, they change over time so they don’t get old and stay fresh.  Also, we leverage the sites of likes and dislikes to increase the accuracy of playlists.  All content is watched on Youtube.com through the Youtube API.

How it beats the competition:
Our algorithm that generates the playlists only makes the most relevant social decisions. Can preferences and shuffle playlists too.


Listen to Only the Best Social Videos - TubePlayer., 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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