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My6Sense – A Smarter Feed Reader for the iPhone

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logoAt this very moment, at this very villa in the Israeli city of Hertzeliya Pituach, the final preparations are being made for what can be best described as ‘TwitterSense’—a way to automatically filter your so that the most relevant come out on top. The in question is the home of my6sense, which currently offers a powerful way to filter news feeds. It is applying its filtering technology to and by the looks of it you’ll soon be able to as many users as you want and still never miss out on the most important tweets.

It took insistent prodding on my part to get to spill some of the beans and give me a sneak peak. The good news is that TwitterSense (my term, not theirs) is real and it works. The bad news is that it’ll take a couple of more months to be deployed. And yes, it could greatly improve the way we consume Twitter streams.

[via Techcrunch]

Site: http://www.my6sense.com/

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