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MyPersonalShopper.com – Save Money on the Things You Love

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mypersonalshopper.comWhat it does:
Have you tried Groupon or Living Social? Do you often get emailed a bunch of things you don’t care about?

Everybody does so we created MyPersonalShopper.com because we wanted a site that would only show us deals on the things that interest us and it would pull in the best of the web. A user can create a profile in just 30 seconds where they list what kind of food, clothes and stuff they like then they get a personalized store that pulls in the the best clearance items, promo codes, seasonal sales etc. from big name stores they know and trust.

Best of all the service is free and we promise not to send you a ton of email. Try it out today!

How it beats the competition:

  1. 1. It doesn’t show you stuff you don’t care about like Groupon and Living Social
  2. It pulls in all the best deals from every major retailer on the web.
  3. We don’t overwhelm people with a daily email.


MyPersonalShopper.com - Save Money on the Things You Love, 3.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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