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NiftySchool.com – Language School Administration Made Easy

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niftyschool.comWhat it does:
NiftySchool is an administration tool for language schools.

It simplifies management of your students, class schedules, documents, payments and all of the administration that a necessarily needs. It also provide nice reporting and key performance indicators of how your is doing.

How it beats the competition:
Most of the software for language schools are old desktop based applications that are both expensive and difficult to use.

NiftySchool is slick, intuitive and with its monthly does not require a big initial investment.

All of your , including teachers, , managers can access the system from the office and from home enhancing and removing unnecessary paperwork, like daily/weekly etc.


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NiftySchool.com - Language School Administration Made Easy, 8.5 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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