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Weburlopener.com – Open Multiple Websites At a Blink of an Eye!

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weburlopener.comWhat it does:
Grouping the urls in an offline notepad and opening them all at the same time with the multiple is now made possible with the .com. This multiple is also a free . The home page has the slot where the urls can be simply copy pasted and finally opened into newer tabs at a fraction of a second, provided your PC performs at a normal rate. It works on all browsers and unlike any other out there you need just one click to get going on your regular chores on a plethora of websites, at the same time. No registerations required no signing ups to do.

In fact, the website address of the web URL opener is exactly a description of its function in straightforward English language and hence highly easy to remember and recall and easy to recommend it to others too. It offers an user-friendly interface and the overall site layout is apt for professional use, without any fancy designs and flash colorful texts or graphics in and around.

How it beats the competition:

  • Opens multiple URL’s with just a single click unlike other such url openers
  • Quick loading time and fast response
  • Professional website layout and uncluttered web content that is apt for corporate use
  • Easy to remember web domain name that is exactly the function that it does
  • User-friendly interface


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Weburlopener.com - At a Blink of an Eye!, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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