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Non-Profit Providing Information Regarding Human Trafficking – FreedomNow.org

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Freedomnow.comWhat it does:
FreedomNow.org is a non-profit venture started by , a group of companies providing services related to anti-bribery education, training and for multi-nationals and their .

The of this project is to collect detailed information on known traffickers and make this available to governments, , anti- (AML) as well as general audiences around the world.

In addition, FreedomNow.org features a host of resources for trafficking victims and their , including NGO directories categorized by country and a job board where NGOs can advertise vacant positions.

How it beats the competition:
FreedomNow.org is non-profit profit venture based on “Wiki” technology, which gives power to any individual who has relevant information regarding to contribute for the sake of humanity.

Therefore, it has no competition, this project is a social cause.





Non-Profit Providing Information Regarding Human Trafficking - FreedomNow.org, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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