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Pinterest Analytics Dashboard – PinAuthority.com

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PinAuthority.comWhat it does:
PinAuthority is an application with which one can track their Pinterest statistics viz. number of followers,following etc. It provides a PinAuthority button which displays the Pinterest avatar and number of followers as a javascript widget.
Currently Pinterest doesnot provide an official API to track statistics and insights. Using PinAuthority individuals can track their Pinterest campaigns. The PinAuthority score can be used to compare the Pinterest influence of people.

How it beats the competition:
A few startups tracks Pinterest statistics,but none provide historical data. PinAuthority is the only website which tracks statistics daily for upto three months. It provides a javascript widget to display Pinterest avatar & follower count which even Pinterest itself doesnot provide.





Pinterest Analytics Dashboard - PinAuthority.com, 6.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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