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Power to the People – Blacklist

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Blacklist.comWhat it does:
Blacklist is the powerful megaphone for people to react after a bad consumer experience to get their voice heard. Started in 2012 by Val Lefebvre from a personal frustration of no easy way to react after many dissatisfying consumer experiences, the concept positions itself as a destination on the web deployed across platforms that leverages the voices of individuals and their reach to impact accordingly.
Blacklist’s innovative, yet disruptive solution offers the power to the people to express themselves on their brand experience. The aim is to ease the consumer feedback anywhere and anytime to bring brands closer for a more aligned interaction.

How it beats the competition:
Blacklist breaks the barriers of digital feedback and gives the power to the people by making it easy, fast and simple to react. Brands and companies on the other side will have the new ‘Defensive Marketing’ opportunity to listen, and engage with people talking about them on the platform.
The vision is to bring more transparency between consumers-brands, for more aligned interactions.

Anyone with a web-enabled device can go to blacklist.co and check-out, browse or search what’s happening with consumer reactions on brands products and services. It’s easy to get a glance and the context on experiences of others, and just as easy to engage with it and post yours






Power to the People - Blacklist, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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