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Project Tracking, Presented Beautifully – Updatey.com

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Updatey.comWhat it does:
Updatey (http://updatey.com) focuses on helping you submit project updates and visualize them in a way your , , or just about anybody can understand. Whether you’re building a website, constructing a house, a new business or writing a . If your project has a start date and people that care about its progress, you’re ready to go!

How it beats the competition:
Updatey doesn’t care about managing tasks and assigning them to people, it doesn’t care about sprints and it definitely doesn’t care about ‘how’ you work ( or otherwise). All Updatey cares about, is ensuring that you’re able to present in a clear, and engaging way exactly where you are in the overall timeline of a project, what has been so far and what still remains to be done.





Project Tracking, Presented Beautifully - , 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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