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SearchEnabler.com – Search Enable Your Business

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this startup!
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searchenabler.comWhat does:
SearchEnabler is SaaS SEO platform which helps businesses, marketers and startup’s seeking to improve visibility.

Every business needs continuous generation of new leads at minimal cost. Search Enabler helps in achieving the objective of getting highly targeted traffic and sustaining them for longer duration.

SearchEnabler brings enterprise class search engine optimization software and analysis features to wider market.

How it the competition:
SearchEnabler brings

  1. Integrated solution with research – discovery, competitive analysis, recommendation engine, site monitoring, malware checks and system.
  2. Performs continuous benchmark of search engine results and algorithm refinements to keep pace with rapidly evolving search technology
  3. Most intuitive and thick client like app in browser, developed using GWT.

SearchEnabler is built around the latest technologies in areas of distributed computing to address large scale data processing and mining.

  1. Dynamically scalable and elastic architecture to address the ever growing customer needs.
  2. Dealing with very large volumes of data
  3. 24×7 information retrieval and processing to ensure continuous feedback to your business


SearchEnabler. - Search Enable Your Business, 9.4 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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