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Power of Choice – Alternative.to

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alternative.toWhat it does:
Alternative.to is a service that allows users to find the best alternative for any query. In order to find information of interest to us, simply enter any word, sentence, phrase, and the system finds the best option. Thanks to special algorithms, we can continuously improve our inquiries and hence make the most accurate choice. This service is an attempt to address the need to keep learning and knowledge creation, while giving users the freedom to create more content.The project aims not only at facilitating users to operate in a tangle of information, but also the creation of the semantic web, based on artificial intelligence. Alternative.to gives us something more than only information, this search engine gives us a choice.

How it beats the competition:
We want to deliver more complete solutions to our users. Our project is aiming to be universal, and cover all reality’s domains, not only a slice of it. Also we’re planning to use AI, that will suggest more accurate alternatives for defined user.


Power of Choice - Alternative.to, 9.3 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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