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Simple Video Collaboration – ScreenLight

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Screenlight.comWhat it does:
ScreenLight is a private video sharing and collaboration application for companies, agencies, and editors. ScreenLight makes it easy to securely review videos with clients, , and get videos approved.

ScreenLight provides an online where video producers can upload and privately share videos with teams and clients.

Reviewers can easily provide comments that are presented alongside each video.

Video projects are password protected, and people will only see projects they have been invited to participate in.

The service can accept virtually any input video format, and videos will be automatically encoded for playback on desktops, smartphones, and the new .

Clients can present a by branding the application with their logo and .

How it beats the competition:
ScreenLight has been custom designed to simplify the workflow. Other video lack the easy user management and offered by ScreenLight.





Simple Video Collaboration - ScreenLight, 8.6 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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  • William

    Once you cancel your account, even after only 1 day into your new month, unlike just about EVERY OTHER service, your account is IMMEDIATELY cancelled and you receive not a penny of a refund.

    GD Star Rating
    GD Star Rating
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