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Social Network for Cars – CarsActive

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CarsActive.comWhat it does:
Carsactive is an internet based multi-purpose portal designed to allow consumers control over all major aspects associated with , , operating and maintaining their vehicle. It also gives car related service providers the ability to and stay connected with existing ones.

How it beats the competition:
Carsactive takes advantage of social networking to provide real to car related service providers and savings to car owners.

Carsactive utilizes concepts similar to Zillow, LinkedIn, , List and Priceline to provide all the tools necessary to make the most of the car ownership experience. Carsactive is an innovative lean startup with a launched product, highly researched strategy and a team with over 80 years of software business and over 40 years of automotive .





Social Network for Cars - CarsActive, 7.9 out of 10 based on 34 ratings

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