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Spending Money with Friends Made Easy – Who Paid It

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What it does:
An app that makes it easy to keep track of who paid what, who owes you what and ensures that everybody chips in the same.

Users simply create a list for each social group and very easily add the friends that belong to this group as users. Whenever users make a group expense they simply enter who paid it, who participated, at what business it was bought and what
brands/products were bought. Our app then automatically keeps a balance.

No more social money discussions, no more worrying about chipping in because you know you’ll get it back.

How it beats the competition:
Whopaid.it has a very strong and enganging First Time User Experience. Users can connect in 1 click and add members in 1 click unlike any other websites or applications.
Whopaid.it is extremely easy, fast and intuitive where general consensus about the competition is disappointing: www.appstorm.net – “It seems like it should be easier to keep track of IOUs in this modern day and age without having to type in too many details.” We focus on the easiest and most intuitive way for users to manage their shared expenses without any unnecessary clutter.





Spending Money with Friends Made Easy - Who Paid It, 8.4 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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