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SubHub Lite – Online Content Publishing Made Easy

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What it does:
SubHub Lite is a powerful content publishing platform and website builder, which allows you to launch your own professional looking website quickly and easily.

Aimed at people of all abilities, SubHub Lite is easy to use, incredibly flexible and future-proof.

With SubHub Lite you can:

~ Design, build and run a website with no technical skills
~ Add one of our free, professionally designed themes with just a couple of clicks
~ Add and manage pages quickly and easily
~ Drag and drop new functionality (we call them apps) directly onto your web pages

With SubHub Lite all the boring bits are taken care of including hosting (we use the VPS.net cloud), maintenance, monitoring and updates.

The platform is built on Drupal 7, with our own unique admin layer, site builder and other tools, and over the new few months we’ll be releasing stuff back to the awesome Drupal community.

We’re also currently working on our API, ready for the launch of our upcoming app marketplace. We want developers to be able to quickly and easily develop their own apps, which they can either make available to our users for free or charge for.

How it beats the competition:
SubHub Lite has been built around the concept of outstanding ease of use.

So many content management systems / platforms have been built with the assumption that their users will have a certain level of technical expertise. This ignores a lot of people who are clueless about how to install plugins and modules, add design themes and generally customize their site or blog.

SubHub Lite embraces any kind of user and make it as easy for ‘newbies’ to set up and manage a website as it is for the more technically minded.

From our easy to use site builder, to our use of drag and drop ‘apps’ and our simple design palette, we’ve tried to make our platform as intuitive to use as possible.


SubHub Lite - Online Content Publishing Made Easy, 8.2 out of 10 based on 17 ratings

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