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WYGU – What do you want to be When You Grow Up?

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What it does:
WYGU addresses some of the fundamental problems in the current market by offering a platform for advice and guidance, direct from individuals at all levels and in every sector.

WYGU does this by offering a space for people to mentoring, peer guidance and career-matching, as well as access to a wealth of industry and user-generated content in a unique information resource, the WYGUpedia.

The platform is designed to bring the careers together to help those:
•       In education seeking guidance
•       Stuck in ‘accidental’ careers and considering change
•       Looking for a mentor
•       Looking to build their career
•       Seeking new opportunities or challenges
•       Wanting to help others develop their career

How it beats the competition:
WYGU has been developed to help people the career they really want by connecting individuals who advice with those able to give it.

Most people end up in accidental careers through a lack of informed guidance at school or further education and, crucially, not being able to talk directly with those in the careers we aspire to, meaning we can never understand how to break into them.

Careers advisors can’t be expected to be authorities or have first-hand experience of every career but WYGU offers a space for open, trusted conversations with people who want to share their knowledge and help others to achieve their goals, using a combination of facts and experience-based information.


WYGU - What do you want to be When You Grow Up?, 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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