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Visual Portfolio Includes Your Professional Development – WorkSimple

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WorkSimple.comWhat it does:
As the fastest growing social network since Facebook, Pinterest is now a tool that are considering using for their job search and –and, although it doesn’t offer the same value as LinkedIn, many people can now see the benefits of using visually rich tools as part of management.

With that in mind, WorkSimple just released its Personal Edition, a free platform that gives your boss a glance at the impact you are making on your team and business. According to WorkSimple’s founders, “visual work portfolios aren’t just for designers anymore—they are a necessity for every modern worker.”

This visual portfolio includes your , , skills and accomplishments. WorkSimple Personal Edition is a visually of , Attachments, Feedback, Winning Endorsements, Likes, , Career Focuses, and that make your social portfolio impressive to your boss and to your career.

How it beats the competition:
Other visual portfolio tools, such as Carbonmade and Dribbble, are focused on design or art careers. WorkSimple’s Personal Edition is for every modern worker  — and through its different features, can help employees land their next promotion or a new job.





Visual Portfolio Includes Your Professional Development - WorkSimple, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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