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WisdomTree.com – ETF Sponsor, Index Developer, and Asset Manager

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wisdomtree.comWhat it does:
WisdomTree® is an innovative ETF sponsor, index developer, and asset manager that uses its own fundamentally weighted index methodology. WisdomTree also licenses its indexes to third parties for proprietary products, and offers a platform to promote the use of WisdomTree ETFs in 401(k) plans. Approximately $7.1 billion* in assets currently are managed by WisdomTree or are managed against WisdomTree Indexes by third parties under license from WisdomTree.

How it beats the competition:
WisdomTree’s Broad and Diverse Product Offering – WisdomTree currently has comprehensive offerings across equity and currency asset classes:
• Equities (34 equity ETFs) – Comprehensive international ETF offering, including developed world, emerging markets and non-U.S. sectors
• Currency (8 Developed and Emerging Markets currency ETFs) – Currency ETFs diversify WisdomTree’s product offering and revenue stream.

Seasoned and entrepreneurial leadership team – WisdomTree has put together a strong team of senior executives from leading firms across the financial services industry. This management team is supported by a team of seasoned advisors that includes Michael Steinhardt and Jeremy Siegel, who serve as Chairman and Senior Advisor, respectively.

An ETF Pioneer – Innovative product line with strong traction in one of the fastest growing segments of the asset management industry.


WisdomTree.com - ETF Sponsor, Index Developer, and Asset Manager, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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