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World’s Professional Marketplace – Aegora

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Aegora.comWhat it does:
Aegora.com lets you leverage your to build businesses and make money.

Promote yourself and your business, . Network with , colleagues and like-minded professionals. Find high-quality clients in your trust network. Hire trusted professionals recommended by friends. Manage projects and get paid automatically. Create efficient, low-overhead businesses and build the lifestyle you deserve.

Finally – an alternative to traditional employment that everyone can use, simply and easily. Our vision: Everyone an Entrepreneur!

How it beats the competition:
Aegora takes the professional network (for instance LinkedIn) and adds value by letting users monetize their trusted contact networks – services.

Aegora also takes the marketplace (for instance oDesk or ) and solves its functional and image problems by letting users reach the right trusted person quickly and easily, through their contact network.





World's Professional Marketplace - Aegora, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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