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Your Social Marketing Network – BizBrag

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BizBrag.comWhat it does:
BizBrag allows the small business owner to create and share powerful webpages called Braggits, your business can connect and share with other collaborative businesses, thus growing your customer base. Your connections on BizBrag are what we call your BragForce. When you send Braggits to your BragForce Members they can then forward them on to their social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogger, Tumblr & WordPress), which expands your audience exponentially. Braggits also rank near the top (if not in the top) of search engines so that people will find your business when they are searching for a particular good or service.

How it beats the competition:
BizBrag helps everyone from the small business owner to the franchise and enterprise by allowing them to control brand messaging and keep a consistent corporate identity. Unlike other sites that schedule your posts to go out to social media sites, with BizBrag you create webpages that are social in addition to sending them to social media outlets and your BragForce. You will generate more leads by being found on search engines and then liked and followed by people that were not previously a fan, follower or connection.





Your Social Marketing Network - BizBrag, 9.2 out of 10 based on 13 ratings

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