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A Social Network that’s Bringing People Together for a Better World – Talkic.com

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Talkic.comWhat it does:
Talkic.com is a that’s on a mission to bring people together for a . In addition to being a means to make new connections and conversations across , Talkic.com is also a free way to click for your choice of more than 20 from Canada, The US and UK.

While users contribute their , , and , Talkic.com donates 1.1 cents every click to the user’s chosen charity (~2/3rds of ad revenue).

As part of Talkic, we also run TalkicMusic.com, a free new music service that promotes new music and . All new music submissions get and posted to the other social networks as well.

For further background,  attached is a link to some news and reviews of Talkic.com since going into public beta earlier this year: http://bit.ly/PF1J9V

How it beats the competition:
We’re bringing social good to the masses.





A Social Network that's Bringing People Together for a Better World - Talkic.com, 8.5 out of 10 based on 13 ratings

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