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Conduct Automated Online Video Interviews – Jet HR

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JetHR.comWhat it does:
Jet HR is an Automated Video Interviewing service which solved the following problems for companies and organization:
1) Candidate Pre-Screening
2) Remote Interviewing
3) Interview Scheduling

Automated Video Interviewing is best suited for filtering / screening of candidates before companies call them for on-one-on interviews. There are many benefits to this live and recorded video interviewing:

1) Interviewer can ask same questions to multiple candidates
2) Interviewer and candidate can save time, money and effort on travelling
3) Recorded interviews can be viewed repeatedly and shared with other team members.

For full list of benefits, please read this article:

Jet HR can be used by people interviewing for skills like good communication and impressionability. For e.g. it can be used to interview/assess people for following job-roles:

1) Modelling
2) Movie/T.V casting
3) Sales & Marketing
4) Customer Relationship
5) MBA students

How it beats the competition:
Online Interviewing is going to become a common practice soon. We believe everyone is going to conduct online interviews in the future to save time, money and effort. All online interviewing companies are using similar technology or something that can be developed in a short span of time (1 year maximum). So whoever can offer the least price will be one of the winners.

Jet HR is providing its service at the lowest rate in the industry on a credit basis! So use first and pay later model (just like your phone). Our rates are as low as $2/interview (whereas closes competition is charging $5). We aim to bring our rates down to $1/interview in the future.

This is how we propose to beat the competition




Conduct Automated Online Video Interviews - Jet HR, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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