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Login Without Typing Anything – Loitr.In

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Loitr.inWhat it does:
Loitr is a new way to login to websites, without typing anything. This is a huge over the current username password based logins because of the problems with them which are becoming more and more evident.
Choosing strong passwords often require lowercase, uppercase, special characters. A lot of users don’t share the understanding of that much complexity. With Loitr, you don’t need to choose a password as there are no usernames or passwords in the system.

How it beats the competition:
Loitr is a 2-Factor authentication mechanism, which means an attacker needs access to the Loitr app password, and the victim’s phone to complete a compromise. This is an improvement over conventional 1-Factor web logins(attacker only needs to know the password). Also, Loitr doesn’t ever get to know the real usernames or passwords of the users of a 3rd party service using Loitr. This is so because Loitr doesn’t use usernames and passwords in its process . Since there are no real usernames or passwords, they never get on the wire or are stored anywhere, which prevents against a lot of attack scenarios like, keylogging, sniffing, and other such man-in-the-middle attack vectors.





Login Without Typing Anything - Loitr.In, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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