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Messages That Arrive When You Do – HangMessage.com

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HangMessage.comWhat it does:
HangMessage is a location-based mobile messaging app where users in the air at for their friends to . Users can type in an address, select their , look up addresses in their or choose from a list of check-ins made by their friends on or . HangMessage is a great way to surprise a friend or with a message pinned to a memorable location or even send yourself a list so once you enter the supermarket, you’ll be reminded of what you need to buy.

How it beats the competition:
HangMessage beats its competitors by allowing their users to hang a message at specific addresses for their friends to pick up the next time they visit that location whereas most apps focus on chat room-like environments between strangers with similar GPS locations where anyone can leave and enter the group.

HangMessage increases interactions from other social networks by integrating Foursquare and Facebook which allows users to select from a list of their friend’s recent check-ins to hang a surprise message there.

With the “spyglass”, an component, recipients will be notified of any unread HangMessages, which one of their friends sent the message and how far away the message is placed relative to their location. Using the provided map with walking and driving directions, users can go to that location to unlock the content of the message.





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