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Social Marketplace for Online Marketing – Doublelinx

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DoubleLinx.comWhat it does:
Doublelinx provides a to buy and/or sell . Doublelinx also provides a order management system for .

Doublelinx uses an escrow account between the buyer and seller. When the seller does a , the buyer approves, and we credit the funds into the seller’s account. No , but are manually approved by our Doublelinx staff to . If there is an online marketing service that’s awesome – sell here.

Example Listing: http://www.doublelinx.com/beta/allinone-wordpress-installation-service-with-100+-premium-themes-and-features/53

Use reviews, questions, and ratings to make an education decision before you purchase. Manage all your invoices, reports, and communication in one place. Increase your  – through Doublelinx.com

How it beats the competition:
Currently our competitors are SEO forums where they buy/sell/trade (mostly buy/sell) in an unprotected way. Buyer pays through for a service, seller takes the money, and delivers the report. No protection there, since doesn’t give refunds on services. We provide a Doublelinx escrow service where the buyer has to approve the service before the seller is credited.

Fiverr is also slight competition, but you get what you pay for. You can’t find a complete WordPress Installations with 100+ for $5. You also can’t find 20 hours of manual link building for $5.

We also may be facing Basecamp, since a lot of sellers use this for project management. They also use Wufoo for Payment Processing.

We include both in a free account.

Here’s an example forum:


Of course, we don’t want anything BlackHat on our site, but there are definitely some great services there.





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