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World’s Health Center – Webctor

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Webctor.comWhat it does:
Webctor.com, the latest proposal of the creators of Alternative.to, FIlesTube.com and Wowin.com, aims to provide free accurate medical information and support to patients, seeking help on the Internet.

In times of crisis and problems of health care, patients are increasingly being left alone. Despite the enormous expenditures of money transferred to the health system, people are forced to look for reliable information on their own. Successive reforms in response to the overwhelming crisis did not have a significant impact on the immediate needs of ordinary patients. And they look for information that is at hand and help in finding answers to questions about health. With help there comes Webctor.com, which, as a center of knowledge about medicine and health, is to serve on a daily basis to patients and people interesting in this field of science.
Webctor.com is a service that provides accurate medical information, as well as a platform for exchange of experiences between users.We find there, among others answers to difficult questions in the field of health, support for patients and their families, reliable advice from members involved in the creation of content to the site. Questions & Answers section attracts particular attention, where users ask questions of medicine and get answers from others. Thanks to a special system to measure our commitment and knowledge, each of us has the opportunity to benefit from the creation of yourself as an expert! The advantage of the website is also the simplicity with which we can find people with similar health experiences, which for those patients is extremely important.

Webctor.com helps patients find a doctor and eventually enable them to contact him. Offered in the service knowledge base in detail provides information about the disease and medicines enabling or assisting treatment.
Webctor.com is a unique place, created by users whose commitment and knowledge reflects in the quality of the content.

More information: www.webctor.com

How it beats the competition:
“We created a website that is a source of reliable knowledge about medicine. It   is a place where medical knowledge is passed on in a professional and free manner.High level discussions, interesting articles and experts at your fingertips, today you can find it all on Webctor.com – adds Tobiasz Wybraniec, the product manager of the site.




World's Health Center - Webctor, 8.7 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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